Yoyo movement POS

For a company, launching a new product is never that simple. Often, the launch phase is fraught with difficulties. And because of a lack of initiative and strategy, the target group quickly loses interest. For a marketing strategy to be effective, it is necessary to carry out a market study, analyse the expectations of the target group and, above all, find a better tool to promote the product. It is therefore important to rely on powerful visual communication such as dynamic POS displays. There are different types of dynamic POS displays, but yo-yo displays are among those that fascinate potential customers the most.

Yoyo POS: for which uses?

Unlike a digital POS display, which is limited to images or messages that are frozen in time, dynamic POS displays are more attractive. They are able to animate the point of sale, thus attracting the curiosity of passers-by and leading them to buy later on. It is important to know that dynamic POS displays fall into two main categories: motorised displays and levitating displays. And as far as the yo-yo POS displays are concerned, they belong to the category of motorised models.

Yoyo displays can be used for window displays, exhibitions and decorative areas. The mechanism of these advertising supports makes them perform impulses that give an impression of illusion. The aim is simple: to catch the eye of visitors. This is why products are displayed on yo-yo displays at exhibitions. Some companies do not hesitate to brighten up their shop windows not only with a yo-yo motorisation, but also with LEDSTRIP or musical cards.

How to make POS with yo-yo movement?

Unlike rotating, swinging or pendulum displays, yoyo displays move back and forth. These movements can be from top to bottom or from right to left with a set of deflectors. For projects weighing less than 150 gr, a motorised yoyo with a power of less than 1000 h will be required. For projects weighing more than 1.2 kg, a premium quality motor is required.

It is important to know that in order to make Yoyo displacement displays, two options are possible: using an electric yoyo motor or using a motorised yoyo motor. For a motorised yoyo motor, the mechanism lifts a load that is suspended on a nylon thread. Why nylon? Simply because it is a strong, transparent thread. This ensures that the product feels buoyant when suspended.

The electric yoyo is often used for a showcase animation or a stage animation. Simple to install, it allows you to adjust the stroke of the product presented. The load supported will depend on the power generated by the motor. In any case, it can range from 50 to 1 or 2 kg.



Find the systems to move your displays on D4D

Whether you are looking for LED and audio solutions or electronic equipment for your POP displays, you have come to the right place. D4D is a specialist in POS movement technology. If you want to move your POS displays with yo-yo movement systems, we have what you need. Our wide range of products includes mains-powered high and low POS motors, mains-powered motors for spring-suspended POS displays, linear motion adapters for POS displays and special battery motors for rotating or yo-yo motion.

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