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Your shop window is the first communication tool between your potential customers and your shop. Its objective is to attract passers-by and to encourage them to enter your shop. It must be able to capture the attention of a passer-by and decide to enter within 3 seconds. This is where POS or point-of-sale advertising comes in. The window is the ideal place to place attractive POS to promote a product/brand or a company, but above all to make any potential customer want to enter your business. Why set up a window POS, what is the best window POS, how to make your window POS more attractive?

Why do you need a window POS?

A window POS has several functions within a shop. In particular, it allows :

  • Boosting the window display and the point of sale.
  • Promote an offer, a brand, a product or a range of products.
  • Highlighting a star product or a new product.
  • The staging of a product or a Christmas, Halloween or Easter decoration…
  • Increasing traffic in the shop by attracting passers-by.
  • Effective communication on your brand image and reputation.

In order to attract the crowd, it is essential to make the window display more dynamic with attractive POS that showcases your product and tells the story and values of your brand. It is an excellent tool to increase traffic and boost sales.

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What is the best POS for a shop window?

Decorating and arranging your shop window can have a considerable impact on your turnover. But of course, you have to choose the right support for this communication space according to the products you want to promote.

Types of POS for shop windows

There are several types of shop window POS:

Window stickers

It takes the form of a print (usually on transparent PVC) that is attached directly to the shop window. It can decorate this space and promote a commercial offer, while the rest of the shop window remains visible.

The displays

In the shop window, displays are designed to highlight the product. In order to really attract interest, they are combined with a stage design.

Racks and dummies

Very popular in ready-to-wear shops, these supports make it possible to present clothing or other products in the shop window and to create a universe to draw customers in.

The shop window panel

A large display medium, it is used to highlight a commercial offer and dress up the shop window.

The kakemono

The PVC or textile kakemono also has its place in a shop window, provided that its format and content are perfectly adapted to the context.

The stele

For optimal visibility, the product should be placed at eye level. In this way, people passing by on foot or by car will be able to see it. This is achieved by using a stele.

Illuminated POS

Illuminated POS are frames with LEDs. They have a great advantage in shop windows, as they catch the eye of passers-by.

The scenery

From garlands to animated miniatures or automatons to POS furniture, decoration also contributes to making your shop window more attractive.

These different POS displays can complement each other, but it is up to you to find the perfect combination. You should also know that dynamic POS displays that give the impression of movement are very popular. In addition, the decoration needs to be renewed regularly. The advantage is that you can reuse the dynamic displays outside the shop window, but also in your next campaigns.

How to make your shop window POS more attractive?

The first tip for a successful shop window is to decorate it according to events and seasons. To do this, you must also choose the items to be displayed with great care, think about their layout and select the appropriate POS. You should also stage them in such a way as to create surprise and make you stand out. So don’t hesitate to take inspiration from trends and look for originality. Remember that the aim is to optimise the visibility of the products and to appeal to potential customers. The front of your shop should also recall your graphic identity, which is what allows your customers to recognize you.

Create original animated POS with Dynamics for Display

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