What is POS?

Point-of-sale advertising (POS) or point-of-sale marketing (POSM) refers to the advertising techniques and media used to promote products and offers within a point of sale. In other words, POS refers to all forms of advertising set up directly in a shop, shop, department store, shopping centre or any other type of business. It is used to promote and enhance products, brands or the brand, but also to lead the consumer towards these products. It aims to trigger purchases and boost sales. In general, POP complements your media campaigns at the point of sale. It takes different forms: gondolas, counter displays, cardboard displays, totems, columns, displays, etc.

The roles of POS

If you want to bring your brand to life with your consumers, the use of POS advertising helps you to do so. Original and well placed advertising materials are eye-catching. With strong and concrete messages, your consumers will remember you and your brand more easily. But to do this, you need to be innovative and stand out with the form and content of your POS materials. To design an effective POP display, it must meet these 3 principles:

Attracting the consumer

In terms of colours, shapes and formats, the POS must be attractive to really attract the interest of visitors and potential customers. So don't hesitate to look for creative ideas in the creation of your POS material.

Involving the consumer

POS displays must send strong messages so that the consumer feels concerned and needs to consume the product. Their presence allows them to assimilate the information quickly and to decide to buy just as quickly.

Encouraging the consumer

POS displays are the most effective sales levers in a commercial structure. In addition to highlighting products and offers, they must trigger a purchase from the consumer.

The different advantages of POS

For a customer, 55% of his purchasing decisions are made at the last moment. POS displays are the last communication vectors before the products (the products are just behind). They are therefore decisive tools in the act of buying. They are widely used in sectors such as cosmetics, mass distribution and pharmaceuticals.

POP displays bring you many benefits if you opt for effective advertising media such as dynamic, interactive and animated displays. They are excellent sales stimuli. When you want to focus your communication around a product or a commercial offer, POP displays can be designed for this purpose. They also allow you to launch new products or present your top products in an optimal way. You can therefore use them for different purposes:

To catch the eye and arouse interest, particularly in a product to be launched or in a promotion.
To make the point of sale more dynamic so as to make an impression on customers and encourage them to return.
Highlight the product and push it towards the customer.
Trigger impulse purchases through the presence of countertop displays, for example.
Helping the customer to find their way around and obtain product information easily at the point of sale.

The main POS materials

So what are the most common types of POS? The following is a non-exhaustive list of the main types of POS materials found in commercial establishments:

  • Indoor and outdoor displays: they allow you to display and distribute relevant messages and information to your customers.
  • Poster stands: ideal for displaying your advertising posters in strategic areas of your outlet.
  • Leaflets: flyers, leaflets and brochures are still effective communication tools.
  • Floor and counter displays: as their names suggest, they are designed to display products.
  • Totems, signs and billboards: these are essential for greater visibility.
  • Advertising flags: used as signage, they allow you to be visible from a distance.
  • Kakemonos, roll-ups or roll-ups: they are also used for promotional purposes or for orientation at the point of sale.
  • Gondolas: they are designed for the promotion and presentation of products in mass.
  • Touch screens and interactive kiosks: these digital POS displays are becoming increasingly popular. They encourage interaction with customers to get closer to them.
  • Window signs: to highlight your products in the window, you can use window signs, which are becoming more and more modern.
  • Oral announcements: these allow you to broadcast advertisements, communication campaigns and promotional offers by appealing to senses other than sight.
  • Shelf-stops and pavement stops: these are part of the POS signage designed to direct customers to products.

Electronic, animated and dynamic POS: the new generation of POS

Motor marketing and POS marketing specialists know that modern and more attractive advertising media are now needed to attract the customer’s attention. These movement-driven media, new technologies and digital screens are more appealing to the consumer, whose eye is strongly stimulated. Their direct impact is optimised compared to traditional point-of-sale displays made of cardboard, fabric, etc., although you can combine high-tech and traditional point-of-sale displays.

Electronic displays allow you to reinvent your point of sale to offer a multi-sensory experience to your consumers. Illuminated displays are eye-catching and have a strong appeal to customers. Olfactory POS displays that diffuse product, food or ambient scents appeal to the sense of smell to encourage customers to consume. Audible POS displays appeal to the customer at the point of sale without requiring visual attention. Animated or mobile POS displays such as those found in Christmas windows, theatrical displays, rotating displays, yo-yo displays, etc. are becoming the focus of attention. Dynamic POS displays, equipped with dynamic screens, make it possible to broadcast unlimited messages and to personalise them at any time for greater impact. They also create and increase interaction with customers. They are attractive, participative and incentive-based.

The strengths of high-tech POS

The advantages of high-tech POS displays can be summarised in several points:
  • They attract crowds and boost sales.
  • They entertain and inform consumers in a context where traditional POP displays are almost invisible and cause boredom.
  • They optimise interactivity with your customers, allowing you to get closer to your consumers.
  • They strengthen communication and customer relations, but also promote customer loyalty.
  • Flexible and economical, they allow you to personalise your advertising in real time.

Animate your POS with D4D

Are you looking for solutions to give life to your POS displays in order to make your point of sale more dynamic? On Dynamics for Diplays or D4D, you will find a wide range of components for POS. As a manufacturer of POS, we offer electronic parts for all kinds of POS, including olfactory POS; loudspeakers to be integrated into your advertising media; chips for greeting cards, brochures and sound mailings; LEDs to equip all illuminated POS; motors for suspended, wall or floor-mounted POS, as well as for panels, signs and advertising accessories used at trade fairs, exhibitions, etc. Thanks to our know-how and long-standing expertise, turn your POS displays into real attractions and stand out from your competitors and your audience. Contact D4D for more information!

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