The turning podium

During major marketing events such as anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, exhibitions, fairs and trade shows , retailers compete to attract the most people to their shop or stand. To give a new dynamic to your events, stand out with The turning podium !

The rotating stage is a platform with a high load capacity that rotates on itself thanks to a motor. It is designed to rotate products, a stage or an entire show. Its use allows you to animate your decor with a rotating movement. It optimises the attractiveness of your point of sale. Do you want optimal visibility and want to create an event in your shop, showroom or stand? This device is exactly what you need.

Make your event stand out with the rotating podium

Commercial animation is an infallible strategy to promote your products and your brand, but also to establish your reputation and increase traffic in your sales areas. This is why you should not hesitate to regularly animate your point of sale by setting up an animation point, a decor, a show or a musical show, by organising an exhibition or by participating in fairs or shows.

The success of your trade event depends to a large extent on the staging. Your audience expects to discover something new and wants to be dazzled.

Organise a spectacular show and become the main attraction with the rotating stage. This allows you to :

  • Boosting your retail space
  • Surprising your audience
  • Present your offers with a 360° view
  • Capture and hold the attention of your prospects
  • Boost traffic in your shop
  • Promote your brand
  • Make it easy to remember your brand

Would you like to install one of our custom-made products?

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What are the different uses of the revolving podium?

A revolving stage can be used in many different ways. With the help of a manufacturer with proven expertise such as Dynamics for Display, you can choose the dimensions and load capacity. Here are some examples of the possible uses of the revolving stage:

Mobile scenery

rotating podium is ideal for installing life-size mobile decorations to attract attention, for example:Christmas cots, Christmas trees, commercial staging, POS furniture, etc.

Musical show

Organising this type of event can be an interesting way of attracting people. A scène pivotante will have even more impact as customers who crowd around the stage will be able to see the show from all angles.

Podium for dance show

In the same way, it is also possible to rotate a stage during a dance performance. This way, spectators and potential customers can see the show from 360°.

Theatre scene

Product dramatisation is already common practice in the trade.To make it even more spectacular, you can organise it on a rotating stage with two different sets, for example. In the theatre world, the revolving stage is a practical and common solution to avoid set changes.

Exhibition and competition

How do you display a product or the prizes of a competition in such a way as to attract attention? With the help of a podium of course! If it is dynamic, the effect will be even more impactful.

Car show

The rotating podium is particularly suited to the requirements of the automotive sector, where the products to be displayed are large: vehicles and two-wheelers.The vehicle can be staged with dummies, automated door openings, etc. The rotational movement provides an even more attractive dynamic.

However, the use of this rotating platform is not limited to that. It can also be used for fashion shows, model photos, 3D presentations, etc. It creates the event and brings it to life in an original way.

Our heavy duty turntables to discover

Dynamics for Display is a leader on the French and international market in terms of manufacturing and supplying parts for POS and turntables. For your various animations, we offer motorised heavy-duty turntables. They allow you to rotate products, scenes, vehicles, etc. for an optimal presentation or a successful animation.

Table tournante heavy duty pour charge lourde STO 3

Our turntables are available in several versions: STO1, STO 1.5, STO 2.0 and STO 3 to suit your different applications. They can support a centred load of 1 tonne to 3 tonnes. The diameter of the tops, the dimensions of the base, the height and the weight of the table vary from one model to another.For example, they can be used indoors or outdoors for advertising panels, stage design or bulky products at a trade fair. They can be fitted with a speed control or two-way rotation and many other options. Why choose D4D turntables?

  • For the robustness and reliability of our products.
  • For precise and silent movement.
  • For a quick and easy to set up revolving stage.
  • For the different customisation options.
  • For the expertise and know-how of an experienced team.
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