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POS or Point of Sale Advertising is nowadays an essential part of the communication strategies adopted by companies. They allow companies to promote all their products and brands in sales facilities or marketing events. These POS materials can be presented in various forms depending on the objectives.

In general, these marketing materials must be able to attract the interest and attention of potential prospects. They should highlight the advertising and communication techniques and materials adopted by your company. Their production is often entrusted to specialised agencies who in turn source POS parts from suppliers to ensure the production stages. D4D is one of the specialist suppliers in this field.

The D4D company in a few words

Dynamics For Display, also known as D4D, is a European specialist in animation systems for POS. It operates in three complementary areas to provide its customers with motion technology adapted to their needs.

D4D has extensive expertise in POS electronics as well as in POS motorisation, stands, shop windows, signs and exhibitions. D4D also offers specialised services in the field of musical cards and animated presentation boxes including LEDs, sound chips and motors.

D4D has two specific production areas. It offers renowned sales engineering in POS electronics for the European market. It also handles the design and manufacturing of electromechanical and mechanical POS solutions as well as motorisation systems. These solutions are produced by the European leader in point-of-sale motors.

D4D is a company that listens to its customers. It assists and advises them at every stage of their marketing projects by providing creativity, expertise and innovative ideas. It also uses a skilled workforce and a strict production quality control protocol to ensure optimal reliability. The company has been in existence for almost 40 years and uses unique technology to design customised, state-of-the-art animations.


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What are D4D products?

To meet the needs of its customers, D4D offers a wide range of POS parts.


Electronics for POS

D4D provides POS designers with various electronic components for their products. It offers a range of motorised turntables with mains or battery power. In addition to these components, D4D offers heavy duty turntables and manual turntables, with or without supports, in plastic or metal.


Motors for POS

In the category of motors for POS, Dynamics for Display highlights its mains powered POS motors and its battery powered POS motors. These motors allow the animation of your POS by oscillating, linear, pendular or rotating movements. They are dedicated to communication supports suspended from the ceiling or installed on the ground.


Sound chip for brochures and greeting cards

The D4D sound modules are perfectly suited for mailing and marketing brochure needs. They are specially designed for product presentation and POS animation. You can distinguish in its selection of sound chips with low thickness and high sound quality.


Audio and Sound for POS

For your POS and POS sound projects, D4D offers you its sound boxes and interactive wireless speakers. These products have a high sound quality, a compact design and a multitude of additional features.



LED technologies are part of D4D’s expertise. For the lighting and visual animation of your POS, we offer standard, ultra-compact or switch LED flashers. D4D also offers candles, circuits, LED bars and ribbons adapted to your POS displays.

Who are the targets of D4D?

The fields of application for D4D products are quite extensive. This specialist in motion technology for POS works in partnership with many sectors. It is involved in sectors such as automotive POS and pharmacy POS. Its expertise is also useful for European players and brands using POS for their direct marketing strategies. D4D is located in France, Hong Kong and Germany to facilitate its expansion on the European territory and internationally.

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