POS in supermarkets

Direct communication is not always possible in supermarkets, hypermarkets, hypermarkets and supermarket specialists. This is why POS or point-of-sale advertising is used. These communication media are marketing tools used to promote products and commercial offers, but also to disseminate advertising and information campaigns and to orient the customer.

What POS is used in the supermarket?

All the visual and advertising media disseminated in a point of sale are considered as POS. Their purpose is to enhance an offer, attract the attention of shoppers and encourage the act of buying. What POS can be found in the supermarket sector? Generally speaking, this sector uses various types of POS: traditional posters, dynamic displays on digital screens, counter displays, floor displays, gondola heads, shelf stoppers, totems, interactive terminals, checkout dividers, POS furniture, etc.

In supermarket networks, it is often the brand suppliers who provide a large proportion of the POS. They take the form of cardboard POS, furniture, display units, display screens, window stickers, etc. The distributors take care of setting them up. But classic POS are not as successful as they used to be. Because they are almost part of the décor in the shop, customers no longer pay attention to them. It is now essential to innovate these supports and find original ideas to capture and hold the attention and reach the impulse purchase.

To transform your business into a dynamic and attractive place, Dynamics For Display or D4D offers you mechanical, visual and sound animation systems for your POS. Attract the crowd and boost your sales with animated POS.

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D4D: for dynamic and innovative POS

Today, dynamic POS is the best seller. D4D products can be integrated into most advertising media to set them in motion, light them up or play sound animations. There are many applications:


Kakemonos are often used as outdoor POS. But there are also hanging kakemonos, which are very practical as a dynamic display. If they are set in motion, then they are easily noticeable to passers-by. The kakemono can be placed on a rotating stand on the floor or ceiling to catch the eye.


The totem is a versatile digital signage medium that can be used both indoors and outdoors. LED technology can be integrated to create a bright, eye-catching totem and/or sound modules to broadcast audio advertising sequences. The use of totems for video broadcasting.


The trend is towards the use of touch-screen and interactive kiosks, capable of broadcasting various multimedia content. It has become an effective communication tool for the customer who can easily find the products, references and information he needs. But the kiosks can also be used for the diffusion of fragrance (case of the olfactory kiosk), the distribution of disinfectant, disposable gloves, paper towels, etc., but also for competitions.


Displays are becoming more modern. They are also becoming dynamic to maximise product visibility. Illuminated displays, LED frames, rotating floor displays, the examples are numerous. During competition campaigns, a moving platform is usually used to highlight a huge prize, e.g. bike, motorbike, scooter, household appliance, etc.

Shelf stoppers

Shelf stoppers are POS used at the shelf level to inform and attract the attention of the customer when browsing the shelf. Illuminated shelf-stoppers can be used to surprise the customer and hold his attention. Since it is both a signage tool and a communication medium, it can display an advertising message, product information, a graphic and of course the price.

Theatrical POS

Dramatisation is a marketing technique that works wonders at the point of sale. It is about putting the product or the offer on stage like a show. In order to have maximum impact, dynamic POS accentuate the visibility and the spectacular side of the staging. Head of the gondola, island, central aisle, carousel…, animate the whole with lighting, visual and sound effects, movements!

Guiding POS

This refers to the POS used to orientate the customer through the shop and lead them to the products. This can range from floor stickers, which can be digitised with NFC chips, to overhead, wall and floor signs that light up or flash. Customers can easily find their way around thanks to these markings.

Event decorations

On the occasion of marketing events and seasonal celebrations such as competitions, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween…, it is common practice to create magical, fairy-tale or thematic decorations in the supermarket. Stand out with a lively decoration, with objects that move as if by magic, with stunning audio-visual effects.

Merchandising POS

Automation and lighting are also applicable in management merchandising. LED technology can be used to illuminate shelves and displays to optimise the presentation of products on the shelf. Electronic labels, digital screens or automated facing (automatic sliding tray, shelf pushers, etc.) also facilitate merchandising management.

Would you like to install one of our custom-made products?

We will study your project together and provide you with a quote as soon as possible!
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