Sound chip for brochures and greeting cards

Sending out brochures, presentation boxes or greeting cards is a marketing strategy in its own right to promote your brand or company and build customer loyalty. They are also tools with which you can distinguish yourself and outdo your competitors. Invest in animated brochures and greeting cards and build a close relationship with your customers!

Dynamics for display (D4D) manufactures sound systems and modules to animate your print communication materials for point-of-sale advertising manufacturers and professionals. We supply you with sound chips and recordable sound modules for voice and musical greeting cards, musical invitations, audio brochures, boxes or other sound effect kits.

Business brochures and greeting cards: what role in your communication?

With Christmas and the festive season approaching, brands and companies see a great opportunity to engage in marketing activities to develop their brand awareness. Why choose professional greeting cards and brochures?

Greeting cards

Business greeting cards are powerful marketing tools to strengthen your customer relationship. By sending them a card with personalised greetings, you show them that you care. You develop a close relationship with your customers, which can only be beneficial for your company. If you are also aiming to build customer loyalty, you can use this communication channel to send greetings and thanks. Similarly, if you want to recruit new customers, offer your prospects greeting cards in which you also promote your new products by inviting them to discover your new offers.

Commercial and informative brochures

Brochures are communication tools where you can inform and promote your products, offers and services in detail. For a company, a brochure allows you to promote yourself by highlighting your identity, your concepts and your values. It should contain all the information necessary for the reader to fully understand the benefits of your offer and decide to make a purchase. In addition to the content, the visual aspect should not be left to chance. In the style, typography, illustrations, your graphic identity (logo, slogan, graphic) must also be present. This is what allows your customers and prospects to recognise you.

Do you want to optimise the effectiveness of these marketing tools? D4D offers you sound chips that can be integrated into invitation cards, greeting cards, brochures, etc. Original and customisable, they optimise the effectiveness of your communication. The sound animations make your media more attractive and more impactful. They will make it easier for consumers to remember your brand.

Would you like to install one of our custom-made products?

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Discover our D4D sound chips and their applications

D4D offers several models of thin sound chips with high audio and sound quality for POS (0.5 W or 0.25 W loudspeakers) for mailings, greeting cards, brochures and other types of print advertising. These chips are placed on double-sided adhesive film for easy integration. They are powered by batteries (variable type and number). Available in sizes of 113 x 46 x 5 mm, 86 x 50 x 7 mm and 90 x 60 x 7 mm, they can be adapted to the format of your media. It is possible to mount the chips with indicator lights thanks to the LED technology for POS.

Our audio chips allow you to record one to several audio messages or musical sequences. The duration of the message can be customized according to your specifications. The animations are triggered by push buttons, integrated switches or motion sensors. Each audio chip can play between 200 and 300 sequences.

Here are some examples of how our sound modules can be used to boost your marketing performance:

  • Sound greeting cards
  • Musical greeting cards
  • Talking brochures
  • Musical invitations
  • Presentation boxes
  • Personalised gifts
  • Toys
  • Audio book for children
  • Illuminated LED book
  • Journal
  • Printed advertising material
  • Direct mail
  • Packaging

The sound animations can be combined with light animations to surprise and amaze your customers. D4D also designs LED systems and circuits that we can combine with our sound modules. This way, you will end up with powerful and original marketing supports to mark the spirits and facilitate your identification by your customers. Contact us for a quote or to find out more about audio chips and LED sound modules!

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