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In the jungle of shops in a shopping centre, you need to stand out from the crowd to sell. To do this, you need to use more effective POS elements. If we compare traditional fixed POS with dynamic and electronic POS, it is clear that the latter optimises visual merchandising. In other words, they allow for a better presentation of the products, better satisfy the customers and promote sales.

The various POS that are essential in a shopping centre

The presence of various types of shops: convenience stores, boutiques, big brands, flagship stores, catering and entertainment services, etc., is what makes a shopping centre special and attracts crowds. Consumers find what they need in one place. The communication media will contribute to the increase in traffic, because in 2/3 of the cases, consumers make their purchase decisions at the last moment at the point of sale.

In a shopping centre, display solutions are just as necessary as attractive signage and POS materials. The list of advertising devices includes digital screens on totems, displays, interactive kiosks, standard posters, pavement stops, window stickers, advertising arches, kakemonos and beach flags, displays, floor stickers, directional signs, etc. It is important to know how to select the right media according to the objective and the offer, but also to place them in the right place.

New generation POS is now a must for a dynamic shop layout in shopping centres. That’s why Dynamics for Display or D4D now offers motorisation, lighting and audio systems to animate POS dedicated to the shopping centre. Audio and visual movements and animations optimise not only visibility, but also traffic and sales.

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D4D, for successful POS in shopping centres

A successful POS is one that encourages the customer to buy. In this respect, it is important that the medium is adapted to your offer.

Video totems

With advertising totems, digital screens can now be added where advertising campaigns, messages, slide shows, etc. can be broadcast. Visuals and multimedia content are more captivating for visitors. A digital signage totem is therefore an ideal POS to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Interactive kiosks

Like the totem, the interactive advertising terminal is a dynamic display POS. It can also be used to broadcast various multimedia contents and to program the broadcast according to the time of day and the consumer’s profile. Consumers can also use the interactive kiosk to find the products they are looking for. It influences consumer behaviour.


If you are running a promotion or have a special offer, don’t hesitate to use the pavement stops and easels. These accessories are very easy to set up. You can display your promotions and offers to attract customers and encourage purchases. They can also be combined with LED technology, for example, to catch the consumer’s attention.

Window stickers

As in any other shop, the shop window is a strategic communication point in a shopping centre. This is why window dressing and dynamic shop windows POS are so important to attract people. Decorations and displays that move and light up are eye-catching and attract customers, provided that the shop window is perfectly designed.


POS can also be used as signage. They are all the more essential as they will guide the customer through the commercial space. Commonly used signs are directional signs, totems, illuminated tiles, floor stickers, wall markers, etc. They can also be made dynamic by using electronic components such as NFC chips, LED lighting, etc.

Advertising signs

To communicate effectively at the point of sale, make yourself noticed with dynamic or illuminated advertising signs so that you are easily spotted. This will give you greater visibility and reach a wider audience.

Illuminated and backlit POS

A wide range of illuminated or backlit POS can be used in shops and showrooms in a shopping centre: jewellery shop windows, wine or bottle columns, bars, illuminated frames, tiered displays for product ranges, etc. If you want to attract attention, be creative and innovative with your POS design.

The displays

Technology has brought to life animated displays such as magnetic levitation displays, LED displays, rotating displays or yo-yo displays… There is something magical about these innovative devices that inexorably attract customers. Whether they are installed on the counter, in the shop window or on the floor, their movements and advertising messages have more impact than static POS.

Event POS

During festive periods such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween, it is common practice to set up staging areas, ephemeral stands and animated podiums in shopping centres. Consumers are often fascinated by fluorescent stands, immersion stands offering multi-sensory experiences during product tests, LED-illuminated exhibition stands, digital and interactive animation stands…

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We will study your project together and provide you with a quote as soon as possible!

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