Rotating POS

Today, fixed POS displays no longer make the same impression on target customers as they used to. Since they have become part of people’s everyday lives, the message no longer gets through. Even if it is a new sign, banner, kakemono or panel, these almost “lifeless” advertising media no longer arouse the curiosity of passers-by. Since new technologies are at their peak, it is time to take advantage of them and to turn the communication technique into a completely new axis. In this respect, the marketing strategy should focus on dynamic POS to generate sales. If you want to motorise your POS, D4D is the reference for mains and battery operated motors.

Why use rotating POS?

When launching a new product, service or benefit, a company must be able to establish a foolproof communication strategy. The aim is not only to stand out from the competition, but above all to optimise sales. To attract attention, visual communication must be the basis of any strategy. It aims to spread a message or present a product using graphic art. Visual communication can also be used on different media. But in order to better attract attention, animated media are to be preferred, hence dynamic POS.

Dynamic POS are mobile or motorised POS. They come in several models, including yo-yo POS, interactive POS, illuminated POS and rotating POS. The latter are the most popular because of their rotating movement which attracts more attention. Rotating POS can be used for various occasions. For example, if you are launching a new product, they can be used to promote it. A rotating POS can also be used at fairs, stands or during sales.

Compared to conventional POS, rotating POS offer a number of advantages. First of all, they are the best way to stand out from the competition. They are also effective communication tools to optimise the visibility of a brand or a product. This is thanks to their rotating mechanism which easily catches the target’s eye. In rotating POS, it is also possible to add other elements to optimise the effectiveness of the advertising. These include sound chips, LED circuits, presence detectors and voice boxes.

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Which POS can be animated with a circular movement?

It is possible to animate the various means of POS such as :

The banners

Banners have always been the most common and easiest way for companies to communicate with their target audience. The fact is that they offer a large visual frontage that is easy to install for both temporary and long-term use. Especially since they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. As far as the materials used on the banners are concerned, they can be mesh, polyester, tiveck, PVC or strong paper. And as far as the shape is concerned, a banner can be rectangular or square and can also be hung on a pole.

Nowadays, in view of the changing behaviour of the target group, which remains indifferent to traditional means of communication, more and more companies are opting for motorised POS. And now it is possible to animate an advertising banner by a circular movement. A mains or battery operated motor is integrated into the base of the banner, making it rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise. Depending on the motor, the angle of the banner can range from 180 to 360°.

The displays

In a society that is currently rooted in the high-tech generation, the rotating display is an essential means of engaging potential buyers. A display can be animated by a battery-powered motor placed in its base stand. LED circuits can also be integrated to vary the visual experience. Whether on a counter, in a shop window, on stands or even in showrooms, rotating displays will create a lively animation.

Visual counter doors

Visual doors are an undeniable choice for communicating on a countertop. With their refined design and futuristic aesthetics, they are the perfect choice when it comes to display media. They are also available in different formats, but the most common is the A5 format. If visual doors were once limited to enhancing documents, they are now animated by their rotating function. The battery-operated motor will propel the holder so that it can make circular movements through 360°.


Shop windows

Rotating shop windows are very common in shops that sell high-tech products such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. It is also not uncommon to find them in a jewellery store or in shopping centres. These models are sometimes made with tempered glass to ensure greater strength and long-term use. They are also distinguished by their mechanism, which incorporates a circular motion motor. In some shop windows, the decorations are also powered by battery-operated motors to attract more attention. LEDs can also be added to enhance the entire shop window structure for a visual effect that is sure to go unnoticed. Find all the elements you need for your shop window or animated display at D4D.


Turnstiles are frequently used in supermarkets as well as at stands or fairs. Generally, they take the form of a rotating cylinder on a tubular mast with a ball bearing. They can have a variety of structure levels ranging from 2 to 6 depending on the model. A turnstile can also take a rectangular shape, set on a mechanical motorised base, which makes it rotate automatically.

Wall mounted POS

It is also possible to energise a wall-mounted POS by fixing the motor to the base of the POS in question. It should be noted that the load supported will not depend on the motorisation, but on the base. Only the speed of rotation of the POS will depend on this mechanism. At D4D, you will find a wide range of motors for wall mounted POS. You can choose between models that can drive the POS at 1.5 rpm or at 3 rpm.

The trays

The best way to sell a car in a car showroom is to present the vehicle in all its aspects. This is why many companies use turntables to help them do this. Turntables are also used in museums to display works of art. For these models, mains-powered motors are most frequently used because of their power. The same applies to turntables.

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