Ready-to-wear POS

A ready-to-wear shop or fashion boutique needs to be attractive if you want to attract customers and boost sales. The competition is tough in this sector, so it is imperative to use POS or point-of-sale advertising that sells. Gone are the traditional POS that no longer surprise many people, you must know how to differentiate yourself with electronic and animated POS!

What POS in a fashion shop?

If we refer to the definition of point of sale advertising or POS, all media used to promote a point of sale, a product or an offer can be considered as POS. As in all businesses, these marketing tools will increase the visibility of the brand and its offers/products.

In order for your customers to easily recognise your shop, you need a sign or billboard that is visible from near and far. You can also install a pavement stop with attractive visuals so that passers-by notice your shop. Original, waterproof and dynamic pavement stops will even create a surprise. Carrying POS, floor and counter displays, kiosks and kakemonos are widely used in these shops.

Another essential point in a ready-to-wear shop is the shop window. Remember that the shop window creates the contact with your potential customer. The more it is highlighted, the more it will be noticed. Therefore, you need to install beautiful POS in your shop window. Whether it’s window stickers, lighted or moving decorations, mannequins, offer passers-by a spectacular setting to engage them.

Table tournante mannequins, de construction solide, longue durée de vie.

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The advantages of dynamic POS

Compared to a standard cardboard or stationary POS, an illuminated POS or a moving POS has more impact on the customer. Movement and animation are more eye-catching and attention-grabbing. It also makes your shop more dynamic, lively and attractive to passers-by. Moreover, you will appear as a modern, trendy shop with these innovative POS. The most important thing is to adapt the forms and contents to the profiles of your customers. Motorised, illuminated POS, sound and digital POS are therefore to be preferred. You can choose between different types of dynamic POS:

Animated pavement stop

By investing in this type of POS, you stand out from the competition. This medium is also ideal for highlighting your current offers and promotions. Passers-by will not be able to resist entering your shop.

Signs and rotating and illuminated panels

If you want your clothing shop to be noticed day and night, don’t neglect your sign. If it is illuminated and motorised, then it maximises its visibility. Display your logo and colours so that you are easily identifiable.

POS displays

Portable POS such as floor totems are particularly suitable for ready-to-wear shops. They showcase the clothes better and help to create a world in your shop. These POS are made of wood, plastic or metal.

Interactive kiosks

For the broadcasting of audiovisual animations, kiosks with interactive screens are ideal. For example, you can scroll through photos for look ideas. Interactive terminals are also used to facilitate the search for product references and available colours.

POS for shop windows

A shop window is a strategic place to showcase your star products. You can use the highlights of a collection to dress up shop window mannequins. Placed on a rotating tray, passers-by have a 360° view of the final result. You can also humanise the shop window and attract all eyes with animated decorative objects, garlands, visual effects, displays for fashion accessories, etc.

Counter displays

In order to trigger impulse purchases, it is customary to place counter displays in shops and ready-to-wear shops. Fashion accessories such as watches, bracelets and other jewellery, perfumes, etc. are often placed on these displays. Backlit POS with LED frames are, for example, perfect for highlighting a particular product.

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