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All existing businesses have to make use of a variety of media in order to optimise their marketing and merchandising efforts. The pharmaceutical sector is no exception. Indeed, pharmacies are among the businesses that need to enhance their facilities with communication media. They must, however, opt for specific layout solutions and use pharmacy POS in their shop windows, on their shelves and in their various structures.

What is POS Pharmacy?

The Pharmacy POS is a type of point-of-sale advertising perfectly adapted to this sector of activity. The form of this medium differs significantly from those used in other types of business. It should be noted that pharmacies have specific objectives and needs. They are regulated sales outlets, which must be operated in properly maintained and adequate facilities.

Pharmacies or dispensaries are also establishments that must handle a wide variety of products. In particular, they sell medicines and health products available in several references. But it is also possible to find cosmetics and parapharmacy products.

Pharmacy products are generally offered in specific departments. These products are highlighted with attractive visuals to boost sales.

The layout of the pharmacy can also play an important role in achieving this objective. Every POS in a pharmacy is customised according to different factors and needs. It consists of different components with the aim of attracting the interest of visitors and converting them into customers.

With this in mind, Dynamics For Display (D4D) offers companies specialised in creating pharmacy POS different technologies for POS animation. The European specialist’s POS animation systems include sign and shop window animation, sound chips and LED lighting systems. D4D also offers a range of POS motors, audio and LED electronics.

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What are the applications of D4D products for Pharmacy POS?

Counter display

Counter displays are effective POS for launching flagship products or sharing information sheets. They are designed to display and store items for sale. They can be customised as required and take up little space. Counter displays can be made mobile for greater marketing effectiveness with D4D’s motorised and non-motorised turntables.

Floor furniture

Floor furniture is an excellent medium for the display of health and care products. They allow differentiation of product ranges and emphasise their aesthetics through a relatively clean design. Floor displays can take the form of gondolas or rotating islands. Designers can use D4D’s turntables to ensure mobility. The POS can also be equipped with LED lighting for better visibility.

Shelf cladding

Shelves are essential in pharmacies. They help to highlight and better identify the product ranges on the shelves. They are merchandising tools that allow certain products to stand out. D4D’s LED circuits are perfectly suited for the decoration of these shelves. The aim is to attract the eye and interest of consumers.

Shop window

The shop window is a very important communication medium. It can be permanent or highlight promotions or brands. It is therefore essential to choose the right components to improve sales and traffic. To do this, it is possible to illuminate the shop window with LED lights or to install motorised display boxes.

Signs and markings

These elements are the tools of choice to ensure the efficiency of a pharmacy. They must have an attractive visual to allow segmentation of products. Signs and markers can be installed on the floor, on a wall or on the ground. By adding turntables or D4D motors, their mobility and visibility can be improved.

Notice boards and shelves

These Pharmacy POS have the advantage of offering relevant information to visitors. This content can be interactive or static. The display panels can also be automated for greater management efficiency. Tablets allow targeted communication. They are often equipped with sensors and sound boxes in addition to their touch screen. D4D LED and audio technologies are ideal for these POS applications.

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Would you like to set up attractive and original animated or dynamic POS in your pharmacy? Dynamics for Display offers various POS animation solutions: sound boxes, motors, LEDs, turntables, etc. We also design customised electronic components for various POS elements.

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