Motors for signs and billboards

Point-of-sale advertising is one of the best marketing methods to overcome the lack of direct communication. POS acts on consumer behaviour at the point of sale. It is important to know that there are different types of POS, such as traditional POS, digital POS and dynamic POS. Nowadays, technology offers more and more options and ideas, and dynamic POS is in the spotlight. D4D is a reference in the design of motorised solutions for dynamic POS.

Why motorise your POS?

As the name suggests, motorised POS includes devices that require the use of a motor to create an animation. In concrete terms, the use of a motorised sign or billboard attracts more attention and highlights the product. Motorised POS thus allows for eye catching and optimises the value of the products. It is generally used for events or for products that require a particular emphasis.

This concept is particularly popular not only because the messages are dynamic, but also because the programming and broadcasting are grouped into a single module. The messages to be transmitted can be modified at any time. It should also be noted that the management of digital signage or motorised POS can be done at the point of sale. This makes it possible to control the broadcasting of a local fleet of screens. Better still, it can be done at the level of the head office, of the central management for a display on hundreds of points of sale, i.e. hundreds of screens.


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Which motorisation systems for your signs?

Not only does dynamic POS make your shop window remarkable and memorable, it also makes your sales area more dynamic. Dynamic POS refers to mobile elements and there are different types of motorisation systems.

Battery operated motors

These motor systems allow you to animate your POS. D4D offers reliable and robust battery motors for long term use. Ideal for product presentations at your point of sale and exhibition, this battery powered POS motor highlights your products from several angles, from 180 to 360°.

Mains powered motors

Generally, a mains motor is used for the animation of displays. The centre load of this type of motor varies according to the model. For example, some models have a centre load of 1 kg at 5 revolutions per minute. Mains motors are able to rotate the billboards clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on your needs.

The choice of power

The choice of power will depend on the use of your POS. For example, for long-term use, it is advisable to choose a powerful and robust motor of 30 to 40 W.

The options/accessories offered

Whether it’s a motorised system with rotating or oscillating movement or a ceiling-mounted POS model, D4D has the right solution for your dynamic POS needs. A better presentation of your products allows you to transform your storefront into a real information space. Depending on the movement of your dynamic POS, you can deliver your information and advertising messages in multimedia form at any time and encourage people to walk through your doors.

  • Rotating display: To liven up shop windows, counters or stands, there is nothing better than a rotating display. Powered by simple batteries, it rotates in order to display the product carefully.
  • If it’s a ceiling-mounted model, its main advantage is to optimise the location and provide increased visibility for your offers and messages that will bring high traffic to your physical space.
  • In order to best meet your needs, D4D has exclusively developed a range of mounting and hanging accessories for your POS. You can hang your POS products using hooks, suspension rods or fix them with accessories such as easels, PVC or metal twisters, or all kinds of fasteners.

D4D, your supplier of motors for POS

Do you have a new product to launch? Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand? Then don’t hesitate to call on our services. D4D is an expert in everything that concerns LED solutions and POS motors. We develop different equipment to optimise your POS animation. We design and market all kinds of LED circuits such as white LED flasher, 1 white LED circuit, 5 LED circuit… Dynamics for Display is also able to develop different sound modules, voice boxes, sound chip, voice chip, mailing chip for direct marketing and animated mailing.

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