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The Code of Ethics requires that medical professions do not advertise for commercial purposes to promote their activities. However, it is still possible to use certain media as a communication and signage tool. Thanks to the relaxation of the rules governing this sector, certain POS or point-of-sale advertising is also permitted if it does not contravene these provisions. POS and ILV or information at the point of sale are therefore the tools that allow you to promote your expertise and communicate effectively within your establishment. So which ones should you choose for a medical practice? What can you get out of the POS animations offered by Dynamics for Display?

Point of sale advertising in a medical practice: what you need to know

The Public Health Code (CSP) prohibits health professionals from practising medicine as a business. When managing a medical space such as a practice, any direct or indirect advertising process is therefore prohibited, especially if it gives the premises a commercial appearance. As a result, the restrictions limit the forms of POS and ILV that can be used in a medical practice.

POS and ILV materials dedicated to medical information are still allowed under the new ethical rules. They are compliant as long as they communicate messages and information for non-promotional purposes. The content simply has to be objective, relevant, clear and unobtrusive. It is also very important that the information conveyed is real and verifiable. What are the different types of communication materials you can install in a medical practice? Here are some examples:

  • The professional plaque
  • Totems
  • Suspended POS
  • Dynamic displays
  • Leatflets
  • Bollards
  • Display units

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Enhance your medical practice with dynamic POS

The medical practice is an establishment that receives the public. Even if it cannot be classified as a business, the well-being of patients and visitors must be a central concern.

The professional plaque

Your sign is the first sign to indicate to passers-by the presence of your medical practice. Although the CSP forbids you to put anything on it other than your name, profession and basic information, you can increase the visibility by combining it with POS such as illuminated signs or panels. D4D is an LED supplier for these types of POS. This way your sign can be visible at night.


Totems are dynamic displays that are becoming more and more popular in retail outlets. In a medical practice, it can be placed at the entrance and indicate directions. The directional totem is an animated POS that helps visitors find their way around. It is also possible to use a lighted totem. This is another way of improving the quality of the reception.

Interactive kiosks

In the midst of a pandemic, devices such as information kiosks are more than welcome in a health facility. The interactive kiosk can be used to broadcast medical awareness campaigns. But this POS can also be used as a vending machine for hydroalcoholic gel, medical soap, etc.

Digital screens

On average, a visitor or patient waits about 1 hour before being seen in a medical practice. To fill this waiting time, don’t hesitate to install a digital screen to share prevention/screening messages, broadcast awareness campaigns or give health advice. You can also use it to entertain them.

Mobile hanging POS

To send educational or health messages, you also have kakemonos and hanging POS. Placing these materials in the right place and animating them with movement energises your premises and attracts the attention of visitors. They will capture the attention of visitors without directly promoting or commercially developing your medical practice’s business.

Counter POS

Counter displays and brochure holders are the standard POS in almost every medical practice. You can put samples of self-service products (e.g. parapharmacy products), brochures, leaflets, business cards, flyers, etc. on them.

The displays

Medical practices sometimes sell medical and paramedical products to their patients. Displays are the accessories that make it possible to present them better. With animated and multi-purpose displays, you can store the product, communicate and animate the premises. They can display your logo, your colours and reflect your graphic charter.

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