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Whether it is to present your brand and its offers, to increase the visibility of your products or to boost sales, POS or point of sale advertising are essential accessories. They are effective communication media whose ultimate goal is to encourage the customer to consume the offer or product. But what do we really mean by POS and what are the different types of POS to make your choice?

The term POS is used to designate all advertising techniques and media present at the point of sale. Their purpose is to promote sales and to directly enhance a brand at the point of sale: stand, shop, agency, shopping centre, supermarket, concession, etc. To this end, POS must attract the eye and capture attention, but also convey advertising messages to encourage purchases. It should be noted that POS has a great influence on the customer’s buying behaviour. It triggers impulse buying or last minute buying. Sometimes POS is also used to orientate and guide the customer towards the product, especially with interactive terminals and touch screens that allow the search for a product reference. However, POS takes many forms.

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The different types of marketing POS

Marketing POS are commonly used during promotional periods, holidays or high points of a company or brand. They highlight current offers, brands, new products or particular products with the aim of driving consumers towards these offers and encouraging them to buy. They must therefore involve the customer, who two times out of three is convinced and proceeds to the act of purchase. The most common types of POS are countertop and cardboard POS elements. But interactive and dynamic POS are also more effective in communicating at the point of sale. Here are the main types of marketing POS:

Cardboard POS

POS boards are standard presentation products that are ubiquitous at the point of sale. Countertop POS products are often used to distribute flyers and leaflets, for example. Other forms of POS include totems, arches, displays, columns, kiosks, tryptic displays, game boxes and cardboard furniture.

In addition, manufacturers of cardboard POS often offer customised cardboard advertising items such as silhouettes and other customised displays. In general, their function remains the same: to catch the eye and arouse the interest of potential customers. This can easily be achieved with attractive, well-designed and well-made POS products.

POS competitions

The organisation of competitions is always appreciated by consumers at the point of sale. Fun and attractive, they create a buzz in your shop. It’s an excellent way to build loyalty and reward your customers, but also to recruit new ones. You can set up an entertainment stand with POS furniture, game-contest terminals, mechanisms such as jackpots, games on wheels and various displays.

Do not hesitate to multiply the communication supports to make the route more fluid, avoid queuing, furnish the waiting time, etc. You may also need ballot boxes to collect entries. To attract even more people, mobile POS such as podiums or rotating POS allow you to present the prizes in full view of everyone. The impact will be striking.

Counter POS

As the name implies, these POS displays refer to displays at the counter or cash register. There are the classic cardboard leatflet dispensers, but also advertising displays for samples, products and brands or services that you want to promote. There are also counter stands for displaying offers to be taken advantage of and counter boxes or urns for collecting tickets and coupons for a draw, ballots, etc.

At the beginning and at the end of their journey, the customer will pass through this area. The aim of these POS is that the customer will use/purchase the product to be distributed at that precise moment.

Dynamic POS

POS are the last communication links between the product and the customer. Unlike traditional cardboard and paper POS, dynamic POS or dynamic display solutions (totems, monitors, touch terminals, wall screens, shop window displays, etc.) are much more attractive. They allow to broadcast unlimited information in real time, but also to better promote products and increase sales.

Bright, colourful and dynamic content can be chosen to appeal to prospects. In addition to their flexibility, they are less costly than print. Dynamic POS also includes mobile or moving advertising media. In all cases, the trend is to use dynamic POS. They complement other advertising media at the point of sale.

Motorised POS

Because motorised POS induce movements, they are similar to dynamic POS. However, they incorporate battery-operated or mains-operated motors of varying power to effect movement. It is these motors, like the models supplied by Dynamics for Displays, that animate the POS. This can be a rotation, a linear movement, a yoyo…

When POS displays are animated in this way, they attract more attention. With Christmas shop windows featuring moving elves and reins, for example, the crowd will flock to watch and take pictures. Your advertising speech should convince them to come in and buy. All you have to do is find the best inspirations to make an impression and get your message across.

Interactive POS

In the internet age, the digitalisation of POS is a phenomenon that is gaining ground. Interactive POS is a big hit. By creating and promoting interaction with consumers, they allow retailers and distributors to make targeted communication and to collect customer data. Thus, they have the possibility to adjust their marketing strategy to the behaviour of their targets.

In this category of POS, we find touch screens, interactive and olfactory terminals that are activated when they detect movements, for example. The POS can then broadcast an audio or video message or a smell to involve the prospect and make him want to buy and consume the product.

There is a wide choice of POS to enhance your products and your point of sale. In order to give life to your shop, shop, exhibition stand, etc., do not hesitate to make your communication supports dynamic. D4D has electronic parts, sound chips, LED lighting, motors and turntables for POS in its product catalogue. It supplies these parts, both standardised and customised, to all POS manufacturers.

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