Sound boxes for POS and promotion

Voice synthesis, sound boxes for POS, audio POS, interactive voice boxes, passage detectors, sound and/or LED circuits for mailing, animated boxes, and direct marketing.

Technical details

All information is subject to tolerances and may contain technical or typographical errors.

  1. Applications:

Sound modules specially designed for brochures, mailings, musical greeting cards, musical envelopes, promotional gifts, magazines, children’s books, etc…

  1. Functions:

Pre-recorded sound modules – Specific or standard sound document (WAV or mp3), duration up to 480 seconds.
Recordable sound modules – The customer has the possibility to record the message himself, to delete it, to re-record it…. Message duration: 6, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 seconds.
USB mp3 sound module – Sound is downloaded directly from a PCB via USB connection.

  1. Waterproof sound module:

Special outdoor applications: sound animation on clothes etc…

  1. Sound quality:

Clear, high quality sound at different sound volumes (16 kHz sampling)

  1. Trigger options

Soup tab – release when tab is removed.
Pull tab – triggers when the mailing/brochure is opened.
Push button.
Light sensor – triggers when light changes (cabinet opening, etc.).
Vibration/motion – triggers when the module is set in motion (tilt).
Motion detector – triggers on passage.
Infrared – triggers on presence by IR detection.

  1. Speakers:

Various diameters, 29mm, 36mm, 40mm, 57mm, plastic or metal, Mylar.

  1. Battery types:

AA, AAA, AG13, AG10, AG3, CR 2032

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