Do you want to optimise the visibility of your sign or your products at the point of sale? You can communicate brilliantly with illuminated LED displays. These include illuminated advertising frames, signage, LED displays, illuminated totems, wall-mounted poster holders, backlit shop windows, illuminated displays, mirrors, Plexiglas, etc. They are distinguished above all by the use of LED technology to shine and attract attention. In order to make a success of your point of sale advertising, highlight your shop and your products with these radiant POP displays, opt for the LED solutions offered by Dynamics for Display or D4D.

The different uses of LEDs in POS

LED literally stands for Light Emitting Diode, it is referred to as LED or Diode Electro-Luminescente in French. This technology captures electrons in order to transform them into light, unlike the incandescent bulb which transforms them into heat. As a result, the LED reproduces a light almost identical to daylight. Its brightness is therefore brilliant and the device consumes less energy.

LED is a technology widely used in the manufacture of TV and digital screens, but also in the design of illuminated advertising tools. It can be adapted to different types of media, namely :

  • Light displays
  • Illuminated signs
  • Advertising screens
  • Electroluminescent displays
  • Illuminated Plexiglas
  • LED mirrors
  • Backlit frames
  • Light bars
  • Light columns
  • Illuminated turntable
  • LED Totems
  • Advertising signs
  • Informative and directional signage
  • Showcases animated by LED sheets, etc.

It is therefore thanks to the integration of an LED equipment/device that we obtain a luminous POP. It allows a better promotion of the product or the place of sale.


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LED displays are among the most effective when it comes to communicating a message at the point of sale or during a marketing event. The light animation catches the eye and holds the customer’s attention. It allows for effective communication because content can be modulated, clear and readable information can be disseminated and products/brands can be promoted. A wide range of colours and patterns can be used to optimise visual impact. In addition, they can be programmed to appear. You simply have to use your creativity to attract customers and get them to buy or consume your products.

What does Dynamics for Display (D4D) offer? Our company, specialised in POP animation devices, provides Planners with different types of LEDs. These light sources are intended for advertising and signage materials that are to be animated and can be custom designed.

Clignotant à LED - Piles boutons

Do you want to optimise the effectiveness of your marketing campaign over a given period? To celebrate Christmas, Easter, a promotional period or your company’s anniversary, discover our battery-powered LED flashers, which have a lifespan of 6 to 12 weeks. These holders are ideal for making flashing POP displays, with up to 60 flashes per minute.They are available in various colours.

Custom LED circuits

Are you looking for a flashing or permanent LED to make your advertising materials more dynamic? At D4D, we also design custom LED circuits.According to your needs and specifications, we develop customised circuits such as the LED candle, the 1 to 6 LED circuits. They can incorporate a switch function, night mode, permanent lighting, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

Ledstrip/LED strip

Do you want to light up your point of sale furniture or your POS displays? Our LEDSTRIP-based kits, powered by batteries or the mains, meet this need. We manufacture rigid LED strips as well as flexible circuits with any number and size of LEDs. We offer them in various colours. Easy to install, our devices are also available with various options: flashing and/or permanent lighting, switch, limited or unlimited life, adjustable length, etc.

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