Illuminated POS

In a context where advertising media invade everyday life, traditional point-of-sale advertising no longer really captures the attention of consumers. Retailers must constantly innovate and find original and spectacular ideas to appeal to prospects and encourage the act of buying. These are also excellent ways to stand out from the competition. Illuminated POS is one of the most up-to-date solutions for achieving these different objectives. Thanks to the application of LED or Light Emitting Diode technology to advertising media, communication within a point of sale becomes more effective.

What is illuminated POS? This category of electronic POS simply encompasses all advertising materials that are illuminated using lighting equipment or techniques such as light-emitting diodes. This can range from illuminated signs to product lighting and illuminated display stands. These displays usually incorporate an LED electron collector that converts electrons into light and not heat like a conventional light bulb. Any colour can be used and the intensity can be chosen to achieve greater visual impact. Illuminated POP displays are a great way to highlight products or brands at the point of sale.

Why use illuminated POS?

Illuminated advertising displays have a number of advantages when installed at a point of sale. Bright and vivid, POS such as signs and LED illuminated panels ensure active communication and better visibility 24 hours a day. Potential customers can easily spot your shop, salon, boutique, etc., and recognise it by day or night. You can install them outside or on the street and in public spaces such as bus shelters. LED technology can also be used in stained glass. An illuminated window displaying your key offers or products will have a much higher visibility.

By installing illuminated POS inside your store, you also improve the customer experience. With LED light frames or Plexiglas with light-emitting diodes, for example, you have an excellent medium to highlight a product, brand or offer and attract attention. You can also install interactive screens to broadcast spots to keep customers waiting. As it is dynamic POS, you can publish unlimited information, tips or entertainment and change the spots at any time. This makes the consumer experience more enjoyable and makes it easier for them to remember your advertising messages.


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Which POS can integrate LED lighting systems?

An LED is commonly used in the design of various forms of illuminated advertising or information signs. They can be integrated into even the most compact media by miniaturising the diodes and components.

  • Signs: the LED neon sign has largely replaced the glass neon sign. Here you can create text, pictograms or other types of visuals with the possibility of choosing the colour(s), shape(s), support(s), size(s), etc.
  • Panels: this advertising display device is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They can take the form of free-standing LED panels or video display panels or others. Simply optimise the design and colours of the displays to establish your image.
  • Frames or Poster Holders: Whether they are wall-mounted, suspended or placed on a counter, illuminated frames and poster holders are more eye-catching to passers-by. All you need is a stylish design and the brightness of the LED optimises the visibility of your posters.
  • Totems: The LED totem directly addresses the passer-by or prospect at the point of sale. It allows you to present visuals and advertising videos with a high image quality. You can use them indoors and outdoors.
  • Boxes or lightboxes: Boxes are part of illuminated advertising signs. The LED is integrated in the interior of the holder, which provides optimal illumination. Lightboxes also allow you to remain visible during your closing hours.
  • Animated LED mirrors: also known as magic mirrors, they form a dynamic display that can show photo or video sequences. It turns into a reflecting mirror when a person approaches it. This tool arouses curiosity and has a strong visual impact.
  • Plexiglas: Plexiglas can be used to make boxes, displays and ultra-design POS. They can be fitted with LEDs to focus attention on the object being displayed, often high-tech products such as smartphones.
  • Luxury displays: this refers to signage such as boxes or holders for products and samples. Thanks to LED technology, you can innovate your POS and obtain elegant and original displays with a very nice effect. This way you can enhance your brand image.
  • Illuminated display case: an LED display case creates 30% more traffic in a shop. It can be equipped with LED poster holders, LED spotlights on rails or dynamic light screens.
Table tournante mannequins, de construction solide, longue durée de vie.

The LED light is suitable for all types of signage. The colours and shapes are fully customisable. They can also be mounted with various materials.

D4D lighting systems

Dynamics for Displays or D4D, expert in display animation and POS, offers you LED lighting systems to design striking and original communication supports on any point of sale. The light quality of LEDs is very high, so you can optimise the effects of your POS by integrating lighting technology and even more so a sound system or a scent diffuser. You also appear as an innovative and technologically advanced company. In addition, LEDs consume much less energy than incandescent lamps. It also has a longer lifespan. As it produces light and not heat, it is also safer. In addition, it can adopt different lights for a “wow” effect with consumers.

In the range of LED lighting available on D4D, discover battery powered LEDs, in the format of your choice, standard or with a switch option and with a life span of 6 weeks to 6 months. We also offer candle LEDs, Ledstrip, LED strips and various models of classic or flashing LED circuits with accessories (driver, control circuit, jack…). D4D also designs custom-made LED circuits if you want to design more creative and high quality POS. Contact us and get all the information you need.

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