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For a company, the sale of a product is the guarantee of a long life in the business world. That is why it is of paramount importance to find an effective strategy to ensure an unshakeable place in the market and in relation to the competition. From a marketing point of view, a product goes through 4 stages, but the most important one is the launch. During this phase, an infallible communication technique must be adopted to maximise sales and awareness. In this respect, point-of-sale advertising is the most suitable.

What is electronic POS?

Marketing is a rather vast and more or less complicated field to implement. The principle of this technique is based on establishing an effective means of selling a company’s products, services or benefits. Most companies use POP displays to launch their products and encourage potential buyers to purchase. For this purpose, kakemonos, billboards and posters have been the most frequently used. But nowadays, when new technologies are at the heart of everyday life for individuals and professionals, the behaviour of potential targets has changed. Electronic point-of-sale displays have made their appearance. Unlike fixed models, they are more dynamic, more attractive and more effective. Electronic POP displays, as they suggest, incorporate a motorised mechanism to operate. Depending on the model, a dynamic POP display can be equipped with various electronic components, sound modules, LEDs, chips, etc.


Focus on the main electronic POS

In the field of POS implementation, digital or motorised POS can be used. Digital POS is characterised by messages on screens or words combined with a medium to encourage purchases. But compared to motorised POS, their effectiveness still leaves something to be desired. The reason is that electronic POS refers to moving elements or media that are more attention-grabbing. In fact, there are four main types of electronic POS:

Animated POS

Animated POP displays are electronic displays that are often used to present products in shops. These models are indispensable in the launch phase for a company. Animated POP refers to rotating, moving and yo-yo POP.

In the mechanism of a rotating POP display, the entire display is powered by a battery-operated motor or a mains-operated motor. The speed of the motor’s propulsion will thus generate rotational movements, as in the case of a rotating display or an animated window display. The principle is the same for mobile displays. A motor is integrated into the support of the advertising accessory. But unlike a rotating POP display, the movements generated can be rotary, linear, pendulum or oscillating. In the case of yo-yo displays, an impression of buoyancy is created. Here, the products in the windows, displays or on the panels will be presented in a different way. They will appear and disappear thanks to mechanical up and down movements. You can find all the different types of POS motors at D4D. You can choose from a wide range of models.

Illuminated displays

There are a number of electronic POS solutions that offer you the opportunity to stand out in advertising. Among the most popular, especially in the area of dynamic POS, are illuminated displays. There is nothing better to capture the attention and arouse the curiosity of potential targets. These types of POS displays are equipped with all kinds of LED circuits. They can be flashers, coloured LEDs, 5 LED circuits or others. Generally, these models are combined with displays for an animated and cheerful look. However, shops may also use them separately to enhance a specific product. For example, in telephone shops, illuminated displays are used to promote the flagship models.

Audible POS

Audible POSs displays are electronic displays that include a sound chip or voice box. They can play a song or a voice recording to attract the attention of consumers. Promotional POS displays with voice boxes are often found in shopping malls, in the baby product aisle. Each brand can use this technology to teach parents how their product works.

Olfactory POS

Olfactory POS is a fairly recent trend, but one that is already gaining momentum with the major perfume houses. It aims to diffuse a specific perfume at the point of sale to encourage passers-by to buy. The mechanism of these olfactory POS displays is more than ingenious. A scent diffuser is integrated and coupled with a passage detector. So when people walk by, the sensor automatically switches on the diffuser. Although olfactory POS is applied on a point-of-sale scale, it is very similar to olfactory merchandising.

When should electronic POS be used?

Innovations have become an important part of shops and businesses. Thus, the proposals to attract consumers are constantly increasing. In this respect, dynamic POS displays are the main key to creating complementarity between digital and retail. It is important to know that each dynamic POS is able to respond to a specific use. And as far as electronic POS is concerned, it is perfect for boosting sales during sales, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and also during the back-to-school period.

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