Encouraging and convincing consumers to buy is the role of point-of-sale advertising in any commercial space. Choosing a dynamic POS display or one animated by movement, light, sound, audio or video allows you to boost the impact of your advertising communication. That’s why Dynamics for Display offers you different kinds of devices to animate your POP displays and revitalize your sales space.

D4D is a reference in the design and manufacture of motors and motorization systems applied to marketing supports. Find on our site the devices to put in movement your POP displays in order to attract customers and increase your traffic in store.

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D4D motorization systems to animate your displays

The motorized POP refers to mobile POP whose movements are driven by motors. D4D offers you the choice between different types of motorization systems to energize all kinds of POP displays. Whether you want your POS to make a rotating, oscillating, pendulum or yo-yo movement, there is a motor adapted to your needs among our products.

Mains powered motors

Our mains powered motors (220 – 240 V or 115 V) are ideal for setting your displays in motion. These basic models are equipped with a tray to hold the displays. Their load capacity ranges from 1 to 3 kg. Our range of motors also includes motors for suspended displays, pendulum motors, mono or multi-directional oscillators, 90° swivel motors as well as yo-yo and reciprocating motors or double rotation motors. Depending on your needs, it is possible to adjust the speed of their movements. For applications requiring a slower speed, we also offer compact and robust gearmotors. These motor and gearbox units can be used, for example, on coffee machines, ice makers, spindles, crates, etc.

Battery operated motors

You can also order battery-operated motors to rotate, oscillate or move your products and POS materials in a pendulum-like motion. With our motors and oscillators, you receive pre-assembled devices, ready to be integrated into your tools. Nevertheless, there are several models with variable voltage, speed, angle and number of movements.

D4D also offers battery-operated motors for suspended displays. These are ceiling motors with a speed of up to 20 rpm. They rotate clockwise or counterclockwise on demand. We also offer motors with two rotating discs (left and right) for an original display or motors with two rotating stages in the opposite direction or even silent motors.


D4D offers its POS motors with many accessories, such as brackets (for axis and motor), hooks, rings, trays (choice of dimensions), rings, collars, connecting rods, gears, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation… To design perfectly adapted motors for your POS, do not hesitate to contact us.

You should also know that D4D manufactures a linear transport for POS as well as a POS motor for horizontal, vertical or oblique linear movement. You select the power, speed and power supply of their motor depending on the application. The linear motion motor in particular has a robust precision mechanics, suitable for intensive use

Tables and turntables

Are you aiming for maximum visibility for your flagship products? Dynamic POP displays are your best allies. Exit the fixed supports and messages, challenge the shoppers with a beautiful animated support. For the presentation, the exhibitions and the development of your products, D4D also proposes you tables and turntables functioning on sector or on batteries according to your request.

A battery-operated turntable is the ideal support to turn advertising materials and products (capacity up to 4 kg) and attract customers’ attention. With motorized trays, the load capacity reaches 750 kg. They are more suitable for floor displays, mannequins, window displays, exhibition stands, etc.

You need a motorized turntable to display a car or another vehicle or to create a scene to animate your point of sale? Discover our heavy duty turntables, capable of supporting up to 3 tons of load. D4D is the main supplier of motorization systems to POS manufacturers.

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