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According to the POPAI or Association des Professionnels du Marketing Point de Vente, the beauty and cosmetics sector accounts for more than 30% of the POS advertising market in France. Perfume, beauty, hairdressing, hygiene and care brands are the biggest users of POS. To succeed in seducing consumers and therefore sell more, these communication media seem to be essential.

The importance of POS in the beauty and cosmetics sector

The beauty and cosmetics market is very competitive. Most brands use point-of-sale marketing and advertising to differentiate themselves from the competition. The real goal is to reach as many targets as possible and sell as many products as possible. POS advertising can be seen as the spearhead on which the success of a marketing campaign is based. Consumers are very demanding when it comes to these products: the quality of the products, the reputation of the brand, the communication materials present at the point of sale will directly affect their buying behaviour.

The massive use of POS in your shop or section dedicated to cosmetics is therefore essential to influence shoppers’ purchasing decisions. However, you need to know how to seduce them with creative and original POP displays, but also to constantly renew them to create surprise and arouse their interest. You need to vary the media, materials, textures, but also the formats so that they adapt to the behaviour of your targets.

To increase the total cost of a customer’s shopping basket, POS advertising plays 3 major roles in a retail outlet:

  • Attracting the customer’s attention to products and offers.
  • Involving the customer, i.e. stopping them and provoking them to think.
  • Sell the product by clearly and simply displaying its advantages

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What innovative POS displays should be set up in a cosmetics shop?

So what kind of POS material should you use to display your cosmetic products? These products can be marketed in a shop, a supermarket, a beauty salon, a spa or even in a pharmacy, parapharmacy… Cosmetic POS elements are multiplying and adapting to all contexts.

Dynamic displays

Digital signage POS solutions include tablets and media with digital, multimedia and touch screens. These can range from video walls and window displays to totems and kiosks. You can increase your visibility with these devices, which are 5 to 10 times more attractive than conventional POP displays. As a bonus, you can customise the content and schedule the broadcasts.

The displays

Displays for cosmetic products come in many shapes and sizes. They are made of materials such as wood, plastic, cardboard, etc. Call on the expertise of a POS specialist to imagine and design an original display adapted to your shop. For a personal touch, optimise the staging with LED lighting, movement, attractive visuals, etc.

The corners

Would you like to present your make-up or care products in an original way? You can also equip yourself with a corner with an original shape to be highlighted by a beautiful lighting. Corners are particularly suitable for displaying beauty products: make-up, nail varnish, lipstick, lip gloss, etc.

The pediment

The front panel is a POS display that is usually installed above a shelf, a display unit or a gondola, etc. It can display a logo, a brand, an advertising slogan, etc. It can display a logo, a brand, an advertising slogan. To attract attention, innovate the front panel with visual and light animations.

The boxes

If you need an ephemeral display for a marketing event, you can turn to box displays. These are multi-level mobile displays that allow you to concentrate products from the same range on the same support. With original shapes and backlighting or dynamic visuals, for example, they challenge and involve consumers.


These floor displays are also used as shop displays. Various health and hygiene products can be displayed on these stands, including promotional and featured products. The design is what makes the difference. Make your shelf headers more dynamic with markers, dynamic banners or panels on the top or via audio advertising messages.

Elliptical totem poles

Often placed at the entrance of the shop or at the reception desk, the elliptical totem pole allows the visual identity of a brand to be highlighted. Its logo, slogan and colours will be displayed. This makes it easier for consumers to identify the brand. The personalisation and the setting in motion of the totem are an excellent way to attract passers-by and to draw them into your commercial space.

Product testers

Product testing is commonplace in cosmetic shops. Point of sale displays help you to organise tests even when there is no sales person present. These include countertop testers that can be complemented with an LED mirror, scent kiosks to test fragrances, sample bars that automatically dispense mini products, texture bars, nail bars, etc. These self-service supports work thanks to pushers or motion detectors.

Light mirrors

Mirrors are a must in a beauty and cosmetics shop. Dare to stand out with LED framed mirrors. Lighted mirrors can also be used on a stage or a make-up stand to encourage customers to test products on the spot and to stimulate the urge to buy.

Window displays

Cosmetics retailers know that window dressing is essential to attract customers to the shop and trigger purchases. Dressing and staging will have a strong impact on customer behaviour. During the Christmas period, for example, it serves your marketing purpose to have a backlit or glittering window display incorporating LED circuits. You can also display the brands’ muses on huge LED frames, use electroluminescent light displays, window stickers…

The kakemonos

Hanging or free-standing kakemonos are POP signs that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are used during promotional offers, fairs, exhibitions, etc. A kakemono is visible from a distance thanks to its vertical structure with a banner. It attracts the customer’s attention and maximises your visibility.

Audio POS

To communicate at the point of sale, you also have the choice of using audio POS. They come in various forms (kiosks, totems or others) equipped with audio players or speakers. They are therefore designed to broadcast audio advertising spots or other useful information at the point of sale. Thanks to a time schedule, you can personalise the speech to be broadcast.

Display stands

As part of a commercial promotion or during the highlights of the year and of your calendar, the setting up of temporary promotion stands is a common practice. This applies to trade fairs, exhibitions and Christmas markets. Setting the scene with a dynamic decor and displays, lighting, podiums, games on wheels, these are just a few examples to capture the public’s attention. Not forgetting POS displays such as roll-ups, video totems, etc.

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