What is an automotive POS?

To make more sales and to improve its attractiveness, a professional today must pay particular attention to its communication strategy. The automotive sector is no exception to this rule, which is why its players have specific needs in terms of communication media. Among these supports, you can distinguish the automotive POS.

What is an automotive POS?

Signage solutions or POS solutions are a must in showrooms, at a car dealership or at a professional garage. They allow to optimize the customer’s path in order to encourage him to buy. They are also useful to communicate various information such as offers, services or product information.

Each POP display is made up of various elements and materials. They are provided by different specialized suppliers to companies offering automotive POP components. Dynamics For Display, a European specialist in POP animation systems, is one of them.

D4D offers both electronic components for POS as well as motorization systems, motors to animate POS as well as LEDs, modules and sound chips for presentation boxes and emailing brochures, among others. Our know-how also includes the creation of animation systems for signs and windows. D4D offers various specific products for different POS applications.

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What POS solutions fall within D4D's expertise?

Les drapeaux de bienvenue et kakémonos

Flags and kakemonos contribute to the animation of parks and car stands. They can be used as welcome signs with attractive colors. They can also indicate products or vehicle categories. Whether checkered, with side stripes, voileline or plumeline, these POS displays can be enhanced with a rotary or linear movement system. They can thus accommodate turntables and D4D motorizations.


Today, there are several types of billboards that can be used for automotive POP. You can distinguish between outdoor and indoor billboards, but more specifically video billboards, lighted billboards and mechanical billboards. They are used to attract the attention of visitors and can be installed on the ground or on a wall. You also have the roof sign that is installed directly on vehicles. D4D technologies such as LEDs, sound chips, motorizations and electronic systems optimize the visibility of these signs.

Trestles and sidewalk stops

These POS solutions are available in various materials and are designed to capture the attention of motorists and visitors. They are installed outdoors and can be fixed or mobile as required. D4D turntables are designed for rotating easels and sidewalk stops. They can also be equipped with LED light animation and digital display.

Presentation materials

In the automotive sector, the display of cars to be offered for sale or to be presented to motorists requires specific supports. They can be displayed on turntables or linear motorization systems in car shows or showcases. To attract visitors, vehicles can also be equipped with a mechanical opening system at the door. For presentation purposes, it is possible to provide a curtain raiser for the appearance of a car via D4D motorization systems.

Totems and light boxes

This marketing equipment allows the enhancement of a poster. They are equipped with a backlighting system that makes a car sign more visible at all times. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors and can display logos or advertising messages. These totems and boxes can also be placed on turntables with or without motorisation.

Digital displays

Static or scrolling, digital displays are useful as display media for images, numbers, videos and texts. They can be used in reception areas, in dealerships or at car shows. They are also suitable for outdoor use to communicate information. Equipped with a digital display system, the digital display can take advantage of all D4D electronic technologies (LED lighting, audio animations and visual animations).

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