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POP or point-of-sale advertising is a commercial tool designed to highlight products and encourage consumers to buy. Cardboard POP displays, kakemonos, signs, billboards, displays, banners, leaflets, flyers, totems are some of the POP displays usually found in shops, shopping centres, pharmacies, supermarkets… But POP displays are evolving along with technology. Today, it has become essential to combine classic POP displays with animated and interactive displays such as audio displays to capture the attention of customers.

What is audio POS?

An audio POP is distinguished from other POS displays by the use of sound to capture the visitor’s attention. In other words, the POS is equipped with an audio system that allows one or more messages, background music or other types of sound sequences to be played in a loop or in several programmable sequences.

Sometimes, the audio POS also integrates a movement sensor so that the sound animation is only triggered when a customer approaches. Because it encourages interaction with the customer at the point of sale, it can be considered as an interactive POS. It is also possible to combine sound animation with light animation. In this way, you can design a light and sound POS display at the same time for even greater effectiveness.

Dynamics for Display is your specialist in the manufacture of audio and sound systems and LED lighting for POS. For POS manufacturers and retailers who want to design audio communication media, we offer a variety of sound modules and wireless speakers to explore.

A POS manufacturer can also assist you in creating your storytelling. They can help you establish an optimal relationship between your customers and your brand. To encourage them to buy, this professional in POS design must put forward your image, your values, your beliefs and your ideology. You can then submit this information to them so that they can share it with your customers through their designs. He must align himself with your brand image through the creation of coherent POS materials.

A company can also rely on the POS manufacturer to develop a well thought-out marketing strategy. They can advise on the choice of materials and their number. He creates POS materials that are adapted to the company’s identity and effective in attracting its target prospects.

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Why use audio displays?

POP displays are advertising media that play a direct communication role at the point of sale. They often echo a media or digital advertising campaign by reminding prospects and consumers of your offers and products. They are used to attract the customer’s attention, guide them to the products and encourage them to buy. The purpose of POP is therefore to boost sales. An effective and successful POP display should increase the number of purchases.

Interactive and audio displays have a great advantage over standard displays: they easily attract attention. They are the ideal promotional tools to present your commercial offers during festive periods, during promotions, at fairs, exhibitions, etc. You can broadcast audio advertisements, educational and informative messages, ambient sounds and music… With surprising animations, you will challenge and surprise your customers. You stand out from your competitors!

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Sound chips for greeting cards and brochures

Our ultra-compact sound modules are specially designed for POS and print media such as greeting cards, invitation cards, brochures, children’s books, etc. Thanks to their thinness, they can be discreetly integrated into these media. They are recordable chips, so you can record messages and audio sequences that they play in a loop or automatically thanks to a presence sensor. Time programming is also possible. Find out more about our sound chips here.

Multi-functional interactive wireless speakers

D4D also offers high quality sound boxes for the publicity of POS displays such as totems, kiosks and marketing events. These are wireless loudspeakers of various sizes that can also play one to several recordable and programmable messages. There are models designed with motion sensors and models with push buttons and switches. Because the stand is flexible, its design can be customised to your specifications. Contact Dynamics for Display and make your POS animation project a success!

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