Audible POS

Point of sale advertising or POS aims to make your shop, shop, stand or other types of point of sale more dynamic. Its function is to attract the customer’s attention to a department, a brand or a product in order to influence their purchasing decision. Audible POS materials are among the communication accessories designed to appeal to consumers in this way. They allow you to broadcast targeted messages directly to the prospect at a given moment in the purchasing process. These displays allow you to seduce the ear of your consumer by creating a sensory interaction with him.

Audible POS definition

An audio POS is simply a POS element that uses sound to capture the attention of the customer. This type of communication medium is generally used when promotional offers are to be presented or when organising or participating in trade fairs, exhibitions and various marketing events. The aim of direct advertising is to bring the customer to a product or to the stand and to convince him to buy the offers. This is the objective of all good POS advertising.

The principle of sound POS is to play a background noise, background music, an advertising, informative or educational message, etc. at the point of sale. The sequence must provoke emotion in the target group and create an atmosphere and a link with the product/brand, but also convey the values and image of the brand. In this way, consumers feel familiar with the environment.

We can distinguish dynamic displays, interactive kiosks, floor displays, wall and ceiling displays… We can also mention musical envelopes and greeting cards, brochures, mailings, animated gift boxes… In fact, it is possible to integrate sound modules into most POP displays. To do so, customise your POS with the high quality sound modules available on Dynamics for Displays!


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The design of a sound POS

In order to create a good audio POS, you need to think about the auditory stimulus beforehand, from the rhythm to the sound effects and the message itself. This is what will highlight your commercial offer or your product, animate your sales area and encourage the act of buying. It also helps to memorise your advertising message.

Technically, audio POS is an advertising medium animated by sound systems. Sound modules or boxes are integrated into the POS of your choice, which can play music as well as sound effects and pre-recorded, personalised voice messages. For small-format POS advertising, such as greeting cards, brochures, boxes or mailings, for example, sound chips can be used. These thin modules are easy to integrate into these materials. In addition, they offer you the possibility of broadcasting a specific message or recording an audio sequence such as a voice box.

POP displays such as displays, totems and interactive kiosks can be equipped with loudspeakers whose power and sound quality can be adapted to the context of use. Today, technology allows us to amplify, program and make interactive these displays.


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The most important thing when designing a sound POS is to think about the audio content and to choose a quality sound system adapted to the POS. Our sound boxes will be ideal to animate the leatflet, greeting cards, gift boxes that you offer to your consumers during Christmas or the holiday season. Thanks to their compact format on adhesive film, they are discreetly mounted in any medium. They are also reliable and easy to use as they are triggered by the opening of the holder, by the detection of movement or light or by a push, pull or tab. You can choose the duration and number of messages.

To design connected and versatile POS displays, we also offer professional quality audio solutions, with the possibility of adding a lighting system or a room fragrance diffuser. These are waterproof voice boxes that deliver clear sound with different diameters and volumes. The battery-powered boxes can be triggered up to 5000 times, with the possibility of broadcasting one or more messages. This way, your advertising media can offer new experiences to your customers. Our sound modules come in a variety of sizes and can integrate sensors, speakers and amplifiers, so contact us for a custom design! Whether you are a POP manufacturer or looking to boost your POP displays, you can rely on our experience and know-how to create your sound circuits.

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