Product appearance and disappearance

The way you present a product at the point of sale influences the behaviour of your customers. You can attract their attention with the package and its placement on the shelf. But you can also arouse their curiosity with an original presentation: the mechanisms of appearance and disappearance of products. Thanks to a mechanical movement driven by a motor, the product will appear and disappear. This is one of the motorised marketing solutions for the presentation and promotion of your goods.

An original way to present your new products

Appearance and disappearance mechanisms are particularly suitable when you want to highlight a top product, a new product or even a prize in a competition. The merchandise to be presented is placed on a tray or other type of support. The system takes care of moving it, creating an illusion of appearance/disappearance. Your prospects are bound to notice, especially if you choose a strategic location.

However, product presentation is not the only application of these systems. They can also be used to animate window decorations, to automate the opening of curtains in a show, to automate the opening of a book or a box by detecting movement, to animate hanging displays, etc. It is possible to adjust the speed of the movement and the duration of the attraction.

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What solutions to make a product disappear and appear?

How do you make an object appear and disappear? To create the movement, a support is usually used and equipped with a mechanical movement motor.

Yoyo motors

Motorised yo-yo are designed to make mechanical movements from top to bottom or from left to right. They are ideal for window animation or for animating automaton sets.

Lifting system

A motor can also be used to lift a load. In this case, the object is suspended by a wire and the movement brings the object to eye level and then makes it disappear, attracting the attention of shoppers.


Vertical appearance mechanism

Here, we use a support such as a piece of furniture. The object will therefore come out of the furniture, then go back in and so on. This is what is used with motorised retractable TV stands. The principle can be applied to various POS displays.


Opening automation

These systems often come into play when you want to reveal a scene behind the curtains, the contents of a book or a box, etc., automatically. The opening can be controlled or is activated by movement.


D4D supplies motors to equip your systems

Are you looking for mechanical movement motors to make your point of sale more dynamicDynamics for Display designs both motors and motorised moving supports to create beautiful attractions at your point of sale. Automats, POS displays, decorations and products that disappear and appear as if by magic tend to fascinate passers-by. Stand out with original presentations, contact D4D!

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