Animations and shows

The staging of a point of sale with the help of animated decorations or the organisation of shows is part of the marketing strategies used to boost its visibility among its targets. Thanks to these animations, you create a link with your consumers who will then appropriate this consumption experience. As with dramatisation, this strategy is not only beneficial for your visibility, but also for building customer loyalty.

Decorations and shows offer a new consumer experience to your customer. They are a source of fun and pleasure. They arouse emotions in the audience. If you are looking to win and retain customers, these are good ways to do so. However, the implementation of a commercial animation or a show requires the use of specific materials such as those offered by Dynamics for Display. Discover the different solutions to animate your shows and decorations at the point of sale.

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Which animations for your point of sale?

Spectacular and unique animations have the direct consequence of bringing customers in and out, and as a bonus, of driving purchases. That’s why you need to create a captivating atmosphere that excites, seduces and entertains your customers. However, your decorations must be adapted to the context and your persona. So, which animations should you use?

  • Dynamic or mobile displays: dramatise the product offer on a mobile or moving display, animated by motors or rotating trays, for example.
  • Window decorations: as the meeting point between your shop and your prospects, your window must reflect your world and your values. With a motorised window or a window highlighted by original decorations that move and light up, you can attract passers-by more easily.
  • Puppets and miniatures: they can be illuminated and animated with mechanical movements to arouse curiosity.
  • Decorations with mobile supports: suspended, on the floor or on the counter, it is possible to make particular decorations move back and forth, rotate or yo-yo, e.g.: Christmas tree, silhouettes, mannequins…
  • Seasonal decorations (sales, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day): use rotating motorized scenes, villages and Christmas cots animated by mechanical movements, dancing and singing automatons, fairy-tale decorations, snowmen, Father Christmas, etc
  • Thematic settings: the setting can also be linked to themes that revolve around the event created. Movement, lighting or sound are added to enchant the eye and attract shoppers.
  • Permanent decorations: window decorations, furniture and shelves can also be animated and give life to a sales outlet. However, we recommend a regular change of decorations to avoid monotony.
  • 3D immersion stand: more original, this type of decor serves to renew the consumer’s buying experience by discovering or testing a product in a live setting.
  • Sales islands: highlighted by dynamic decorative accessories and a beautiful story in keeping with your world, they inevitably attract the public.
  • Scénographie : toute la partie effets visuels et sonores sur un décor ou une vitrine est synonyme d’évasion, de poésie, de fête pour le passant. Il se souviendra de ce moment de rêve et de votre enseigne.

Live sets and shows to attract more people to your events

Organising a real show or a mini-show during calendar events is commonplace in point-of-sale marketing. It is not uncommon to see singing shows, dance shows, staging during festive periods such as Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween… The same applies to markets, fairs and exhibitions, where the stand, POS and decorations are brought to life so that visitors flock to buy products. There are, for example, distributors who create fairs, magic shows, musical shows, scenographies, concept stores, etc. This also helps to establish your identity with your consumers.

This type of animation can be achieved by setting up a podium, decorative accessories or an attractive frame. Find motors, rotating stages, LEDs and audio systems to bring these spaces to life at D4D. We offer a variety of electronic components for any marketing medium: decorative accessories, POS stands and furniture, advertising panels, etc. Whatever the period, the objective or the customer profile, remember that your sales area needs a well-cared-for décor. Enchant your customers and your premises by animating your decorations with the products available on D4D. Our battery-operated and mains-operated motors can be tailor-made to suit all needs. Contact us for more information!

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