What are the applications of electronic POS?

Point-of-sale advertising or POS advertising has not finished invading signs, shops and businesses to attract consumers and encourage them to make a purchase. But today, traditional advertising media are giving way to electronic and digital POS. In order to stand out from the competition, we now rely on original, cutting-edge technology! If you are a direct marketer or a specialist in motorised marketing at the point of sale, the time has come to set up innovative, electronic and connected POP displays such as shop windows, advertising panels, screens, terminals, advertising totems and other animated or interactive objects.

The electronic POS parts are designed to animate the different types of POS. D4D offers you LED and audio electronic components to illuminate and bring life to your POP displays. We also provide motors to set them in motion as well as turntables and turntables to present your products in the best way. These displays can be installed in all physical sales locations: shopping centres, ready-to-wear shops, large retailers, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, car dealerships and many more!

Where is a POS display installed?

Whether classic or animated/interactive, the objective of POP remains the same: to attract the prospect’s attention, involve him and make him buy the product. It can also take different forms. But in any case, they should always be placed in strategic locations and along the buying path.

Window displays

The shop window is the first thing a potential customer sees of a shop or business. As the first point of contact, it must make them want to enter. Window displays can be eye-catching, provide a beautiful setting, promote an offer, products, a brand, but also highlight the image, identity or style of the store. It can be used to convey a specific message, capture the attention of passers-by and encourage them to enter the shop to buy. An animated window display can create an event in your shop!

Imagine your animated window for Christmas: little elves move mechanically on a track, a mini Santa’s sleigh appears, then comes and goes before disappearing and reappearing, a small chalet reveals a magical decor thanks to windows that open and close mechanically… Such creations can attract crowds into your shop. You can also use these animations to highlight particular products, brands or a thematic universe.

Counter-top displays

Counter-top displays usually take the form of small displays installed at the checkout, for example. However, the shapes, colours, sizes and locations can be varied according to the outlet and the brand. The role of counter-top displays is to highlight one or more products with the aim of triggering impulse purchases. In this sense, it is strategic to use attractive POP displays with visuals and accessories that must arouse the interest and hold the attention of the customer. It allows you to better communicate not only the product, but also your brand image. A counter display can also be animated to catch your customers’ eyes.

Use, for example, your counter display to highlight a product, a prospect or an experience thanks to a dynamic display: a set of LEDs in Plexiglas to place the flagship product, a button that diffuses a fragrance when pressed, a pushbutton that emits a sound…

Large floor display

Floor displays also act as POS or tools for promoting products at the point of sale. They can be found in the form of dispensers, totems, displays, etc., generally with one or more sides. Thanks to its mobility, floor displays can easily be placed at the head of a gondola, on the pavement, in the reception area or in strategic areas inside and outside a shop. Floor displays also attract consumers when they are well thought out and well placed. It can be customised and made attractive to communicate your product/service at a point of sale or at trade fairs, exhibitions or other corporate events.

Designing original POS displays with motors or electronic parts will make your advertising materials even more attractive. With advertising accessories that move, flash, glow or sparkle, it becomes easy to attract customers and reach your sales targets.

Media requiring electronic POS parts

What are the different products that can be equipped with electronic POS parts like those available on D4D? We are a company specialised in the design of sound modules and chips, LEDs, as well as mains or battery powered motors that can be integrated into different types of POS displays:

  • Audio children’s books: to animate audio books of stories or musical tales, they must be equipped with sound chips.
  • Greeting cards: musical greeting cards allow you to send personalised sound messages, it makes a lasting impression!
  • Animated shop window: motorising or integrating automatic accessories is one of the solutions for a captivating shop window.
  • Illuminated window display: special occasions (anniversaries of your brand, your shop) and holidays are the best occasions to attract customers with dynamic illuminated displays.
  • Illuminated tiles: an illuminated LED tile is an advertising tool, a communication medium and a high-tech decoration element all in one.
  • Illuminated billboards: classic billboards are illuminated with LED lights to make them more attractive.
  • Rotating advertising totem: a moving counter or floor totem focuses attention on your visuals and advertising messages.
  • Rotating product display: a rotating tray or disc is a great way to showcase your top products or new releases. They come in all sizes, up to several tons.
  • Olfactory kiosk for product testing: an olfactory dispenser is also a POS display that requires the integration of electronic parts.
  • Product holder with illuminated base: to make a product stand out, it can be displayed above an illuminated base, of course with LEDs.
  • Roulette game: roulette games are one of the most popular animations for promotions, sales or other special events at a point of sale.

Who is it for?

POS includes all the material solutions used to communicate a product or convey an important information or message to customers at the point of sale. They are used to inform, to optimise visibility or to highlight an offer or a product. But their purpose is to encourage purchases. Electronic point-of-sale displays are used in all sectors:

Pharmacy POS

With digital signage such as digital signage and other animated communication media, you can promote your products, highlight new products, provide relevant information and advice, make it easier to find products… This improves the customer experience and increases customer loyalty. This will have an impact on your turnover. Electronic components and LEDs can be used to animate POS displays used in retail outlets:

  • signage: banners or stickers on the floor digitalised with electronic chips to guide customers through the sales area.
  • signage: illuminated front panels to clearly indicate the different areas (cosmetics, homeopathy, family medicine, self-medication, etc.)
  • a signposted and illuminated shelf to draw attention to the brands and products.
  • dynamic and luminous window displays to attract attention.
  • window display with digital screen.
  • automatic distributor of condoms, pregnancy tests or parapharmacy products
  • illuminated and rotating ceiling-mounted displays to innovate and attract attention.
  • lighting for furniture and shelves in the pharmacy area (hand up, hand down, eye level).
  • dynamic displays allowing messages, products and information to be changed according to the season.
  • Touch terminals where you can consult health articles, loyalty cards, etc.
  • interactive terminals to search and view product descriptions directly.
  • shelf heads dedicated to seasonal products and promotions, for example.
  • counter displays
  • floor displays
  • illuminated crosses as advertising signs.
  • illuminated caduceus that can also display scrolling messages, information such as weather and temperature
  • POP displays with background music
  • Point of sale display with ambient fragrance
  • robot and automat to prepare the ordered purchases on a touch screen
  • Kids table, manual and electric games dedicated to children to keep them busy while parents talk to the pharmacy team…

Battery Motors

Automotive POS

Those in the automotive industry know that effective communication is essential in a car park, car dealership, car showroom, etc. Dynamic and attractive signage and displays help to attract potential customers, guide them and optimise the customer journey. Rotary displays also help you to present and highlight star models from your vehicle range. Which dynamic displays can use our electronic, LED and audio components?

  • Pole and rotating flags to complement the advertising sign.
  • totem or signage screen at the entrance to direct your customers and visitors.
  • interactive terminal displaying vehicle technical data.
  • corner or permanent floor with power supply to present a vehicle model.
  • light boxes for indoor displays.
  • animated fence totems visible from the road.
  • Heavy duty turntables to present vehicles, ideal for exhibitions and car shows.
  • Curtain lifts and product appearances using motorised solutions.
  • automatic door opening
  • double-sided illuminated totem carrying commercial information.
  • wall-mounted brochure holder
  • universal carpet customizable with LED technology.
  • Kakemonos or roll ups with spotlights.
  • Roll-up displays
  • counter or floor displays.
  • aluminium frames with LED backlighting
  • Printed and illuminated advertising carpets or rugs.
  • Lighted ropes for car decoration.
  • canvas frames with logo or customised XXL graphics.
  • frames suspended from the ceiling or self-supporting…

Turntables for displays

Mass distribution POS

In supermarkets, hypermarkets and other retail specialists, POS displays directly affect buying behaviour. It is important to note that the customer often makes the decision to buy at the last moment when shopping. Using the right POS displays in the right place at the right time in the shopping journey will encourage them to fill their shopping cart. From management merchandising solutions to animated and promotional POS, the applications of electronic POS are numerous:

  • suspended and dynamic kakemono.
  • digitalized floor sticker.
  • carousel for product dramatisation during promotional, launch and Christmas periods.
  • lighting for tablets.
  • power supply system for digital screens and electronic labels.
  • automatic sliding tray to optimise facing.
  • shelves with pushers to automate facing and save time.
  • overhead, wall and floor signage.
  • illuminated shelf stop.
  • permanent, seasonal or short term animated displays to showcase products
  • window or shop with scenography (lighting and illumination).
  • crossmerchandising with LED.
  • anti-theft systems integrated into the shelves.
  • anti-theft alarm.
  • automatic dispensing station for disinfectant, disposable gloves, paper towels, etc.
  • Contest kiosk.
  • Olfactory POS terminal for the distribution of food perfume.
  • illuminated totem.
  • Totem with integrated loudspeaker to sell a promotion.
  • Countertop video totem
  • automatic product packaging system…

Medical practice POS

Even in institutions such as doctors’ surgeries, POS displays should not be left to chance. Their purpose is to enhance the value of your activities, optimise the quality of the reception, make the passage and waiting time of visitors and patients more pleasant, communicate important information… To do this, there is a wide range of POS displays to put in place as long as they respect the codes of ethics.

  • illuminated totem
  • entrance and directional totem
  • hydroalcoholic gel totem
  • professional plaque
  • suspended mobile display
  • dynamic display to raise awareness, communicate prevention/screening or awareness messages and disseminate health advice, thus furnishing the waiting time for patients and visitors.
  • counter displays
  • counter or wall-mounted brochure holders…

Ready-to-wear POS

There is also a wide range of POS displays that can be installed in a retailer or a ready-to-wear shop, a perfumery, a jewellery shop, a cosmetics shop or other fashion boutiques. Although window displays are the most popular, they also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, materials and animations to make the sales area more dynamic.

  • animated pavement stop.
  • illuminated advertising signs.
  • Dynamic window displays for greater originality.
  • animation and staging of shop windows.
  • garlands and decorative objects in motion to enhance the window.
    arches integrating
  • illuminated frames and dynamic display panels.
    illuminated counter and floor displays.
  • interactive terminal to quickly find the product references and colours available.
  • kakemonos.
  • Display stands such as floor totems…

Shopping centre POS

In a shopping centre, the choice of materials and their respective roles and location are of paramount importance. Whether you want to attract passers-by and customers, guide them through the shops, present new products or current promotions, you will need attractive visual aids. There is also a wide range of electronic displays to choose from for guiding customers, promoting or animating shops in shopping centres:

  • signage and marking on the floor or wall.
  • logos.
  • illuminated advertising signs for easy identification.
  • dynamic display (video or touch screen) that is more eye-catching than standard fixed displays.
  • Easels.
  • Floor-standing displays.
  • Digital floor stickers.
  • ephemeral stand with rotating base.
  • Levitating display.
  • backlit tiers to display products from the same range.
  • animated light frame giving an optical illusion of movement, ideal for fascinating visitors in a showroom.
  • interactive multimedia terminal.
  • interactive tables.
  • futuristic light bar
  • Linear POS integrating light, audio, video and tactile applications,
  • olfactory POS to diffuse perfumes.
  • animated podium during the highlights of the commercial calendar.
    immersive stand with decor, lighting and sound for sports product tests.
  • futuristic stand with fluorescent lighting
  • perfume diffusers to offer customers a sensory experience.
  • stand with digital animations and interactive games.
  • exhibition stand with advertising messages and LED inscriptions.
  • Demonstration, trial or tasting area on an animated welcome stand.
  • jeweller’s showcase with optimised lighting.
  • light column to present a particular wine or bottle…

Cosmetic POS

To build customer loyalty and expand their customer base, cosmetic brands and shops are competing for innovative ideas to present their products and offers. High-tech cosmetic POS displays are invading the points of sale, on a daily basis or during the highlights of the brand’s calendar or other important events.

  • a corner with an original shape, enhanced by beautiful lighting
  • staged podium dedicated to a product range or to the launch of a particular product.
  • make-up corner.
  • life-size podium with product image, lighting and animation.
  • podium with a graphic LED design hosting a make-up stand to promote and test all your current novelties.
  • make-up gondola.
  • electroluminescent light display.
  • backlit display case.
  • digital display case.
  • led frames to display the muses.
  • mirror with led frame.
  • illuminated flagship
  • window display shining with a LED circuit for a Christmas animation.
  • automatic sample bar inviting customers to help themselves.
  • texture bar for self-service product testing.
  • lighted bar for perfume.
  • counter tester with LED mirror.
  • olfactory terminal for perfume testing
  • kakemonos.
  • wheels for interactive games.
  • elliptical totem.
  • shelves with illuminated front.
  • advertising arch.
  • audio advertising cards.
  • mobile gondola…
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